What's Included?

After Joining APASS, you will receive discounts & exclusive offers just for our members, such as;

  • Nightclub - Ranges from: Free Tickets, Discounts, Line skips & or a free Drink!

  • Restaurants - Discounts from Online orders & Instore offers coming soon!

  • Hotels - Special Rates on Stays in Australia.

  • Health & Beauty Services.

  • 4x4 Accessories, Boating, Camping & Fishing - Special Deals & Discounts.

  • Car Servicing, Mechanic & Modifications.

  • Family Entertainment.

  • & More

What are the Membership Levels?

  • APASS Basic is our current tier that is accessible to the public, This will get you access to all the benefits we have displayed on pages.

  • We are working on 2 more levels that you may see in the near future.

What is the 2nd Level?

The Second level is the GG Pass, Which will focus more on the Nightlife throughout Australia!

What is the 3rd Level?

The Third level is Special membership, Only available to Business Owners, Executives & Directors.

  • Getting the best deals & discounts for their business.

  • The APASS Business, Include everything from the lower tiers.

laptop computer on glass-top table
laptop computer on glass-top table